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If you are arrested or charged with committing a state or federal violent crime, the consequences can be severe. How severe often depends on the type of crime committed, the seriousness of the victim’s injuries, whether guns or weapons were used, and whether there are any prior convictions of the alleged perpetrator. You should immediately hire an experienced criminal defense trial attorney who will help you understand your rights. You need an attorney who has experience defending violent crime cases, and who will build a solid defense strategy, while giving you their undivided attention.

Violent crimes are those that are considered to involve force (violence) or the threat of force as a means to an end. Examples of violent crimes include:

  • Murder, capital murder, non-negligent manslaughter
  • DUI manslaughter
  • Kidnapping, false imprisonment, human trafficking
  • Burglary
  • Sexual battery
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated assault or aggravated battery
  • Arson
  • Child abuse
  • State or federal weapons charges

Violent crime cases often involve forensics, DNA and other methods of evidence detection. To properly defend these cases, you need an attorney who will perform an extensive investigation of all the facts of the case, consult with relevant experts, hire a private investigator, review documents, interview witnesses, and exhaust every avenue in constructing a solid defense.

Most violent crimes are felonies under the law, and potential punishment is severe. If convicted of a violent crime, punishment can range from prison time to a death sentence. Some violent crime charges subject you to prosecution in both state and federal courts in separate cases. It is extremely important for those convicted of violent crimes to understand their situation and the laws that apply to the crime they are accused of committing.

Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney Donnie Murrell is a veteran criminal defense lawyer with an established reputation for his courtroom abilities and outstanding commitment to his clients. He understands that the prosecution and police are looking out for their own interests and will often allow the media to affect your case, rather than work only with the facts and the law. He and his legal team thoroughly research all aspects and evidence of the case and explore all options for his clients. He will challenge the prosecution at every step and ensure that his client’s side of the story is heard and understood.

“The authorities are able to tell their side of the story any way they want. It’s important to have an attorney who can effectively tell the story for the accused.”

If you or a family member has been accused of a violent crime and needs an experienced Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney to thoroughly investigate your case, provide you with options, and ensure that your rights are not violated, contact the law firm of L. D. Murrell, P.A. to discuss our method for building a strategic defense.

L. D. Murrell, P.A. serves all of Florida including the following counties: Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, and Okeechobee County, and handles both state and federal criminal matters.

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